Susan delivers authentic yoga tuition grounded in classic principles and texts. She has 16 years experience of teaching 121 lessons, group classes and training yoga teachers across the UK. Susan has an ongoing love of exploring how the ancient teachings of yoga form the foundations of authentic yoga practice and studies regularly with her internationally recognised teacher Paul Harvey. A 30 year career in education has equipped Susan with course planning and presentation skills which enables her to start where her students are and support them developmentally towards good health, wellbeing and a deepening understanding of how yoga can support them. 

You'll find full details of all Susan's upcoming courses on this page, alternatively for more information please contact Susan direct.

Ongoing and upcoming courses include:

'Back to the Source'  

A modular, foundation style yoga course which uses authentic teachings to support students towards a deeper understanding of how we practice and why we practice.

Taken over 6 months, this course is suitable for those wishing to deepen their personal understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga practices.  It can offer a secure foundation and space for self-enquiry before going on to professional training as a yoga teacher. However there is no expectation that students on the 'Back to the Source' course will go on to teach and many enrol for personal practice development.

This course will support you by: 

  • refining and developing your understanding of practice principles in asana and pranayama
  • showing you ways to apply your understanding of practice principles within your own practice
  • supporting you to establish a regular personal yoga practice 
  • offering well informed guidance in the wise and beautiful teachings of the Bhagavad Gita
  • explaining key aspects of Patanjali's study of human psychology in his Yoga Sutra.

Course structure:  60 hours over 6 months. Modules can be delivered delivered as lectures and live Q+A's in-person or via Zoom.

Group size:          Small group - to facilitate high quality tutor-student ratio and discussion.

Written work:      No formal written work.  Reading, journalling and discussion are the key learning methods.

                         The emphasis is on supporting learning within a friendly atmosphere, where any question is welcome, developing understanding through practice and contemplation.

Course Tutor:      Susan Lodge, MA (Ed) PGCE, BWY Diploma.

                         Post graduate study with Paul Harvey - personal lessons and modules in Hatha Yoga energetics, asana, Upanisat Mysticism, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra Psychology,                                       Samkhya Philosophy, Sound and Chanting, Ayurvedic Lifestyle. Plus Intro to Viniyoga Course Tutor training.         

Tutor base:         Great Ayton, North Yorkshire TS9 6AE  

Dates and Fees:  September 2021: £420 (£70pm).     September 2022: £450 (£75pm)


Yoga Viveka Teacher Training Certificate 

Course pre-requisites:  Applicants are considered individually, according to their experience with yoga.  However as a minimum they must have at least 2 years regular personal practice experience and should have completed a foundation course in yoga of minimum 60 hours. 

Course structure:      400 hours over a minimum of 24 months. Followed by 6 months tutor support for teaching. 

Venue:                    Great Ayton TS9

Date:                      April 2023


Pranayama: Practice and Theory of Practice 

Date:                     TBC

Venue:                   Tutor based in Great Ayton TS9  

Course structure:    10 hour, small group, 2 hour class per week over 4 weeks or 2 half days. 


Susan also offers:

121 lessons
 with individual students to support personal practice development. (Times to suit, by arrangement with tutor) £37 for up to 60 mins.

Yoga Practice and Retreat Days - Worsall TS15 and Great Ayton TS9 (Next dates TBC)

Yoga and Relaxation weekends at Cober Hill, Cloughton nr Scarbrough. July 2020

Weekly group classes: Worsall TS15 and Great Ayton TS9  


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