Blog: Why Individual Yoga Lessons?

Sri T Krishnamacharya, widely considered to be the father of modern Yoga, taught that people come to Yoga for a wide variety of reasons, but usually as a result of some discomfort or ‘suffering’ (dhukha) which they are seeking to resolve. Throughout his long lifetime, he demonstrated with great expertise how the practices of Yoga could be used to meet a variety of individual needs which he explained can be arranged into three broad groups:

  • Yoga for recovery – from injury, illness, divorce, redundancy or bereavement for example.
  • Yoga for support – to sustain positive physical and mental health conditions.

Yoga for learning/development – to deepen understanding of Yoga or perhaps to develop skills which support greater clarity, harmony and health.

Due to the varying needs and motivations of students Krishnamacharya only ever taught individual lessons. He believed that 1:1 teaching taking the health, age, lifestyle and culture of a student into account, was the most beneficial way of working.  Kirshnamacharya was emphatic that anyone can practice Yoga, but that it should be tailored to the needs of an individual.

After undertaking long term training in the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his son and student TKV Desikachar, I also offer individual lessons. I am convinced of the integrity and benefits of this approach.

Students from various backgrounds come and during personal lessons we tailor Yoga practices to address specific needs, e.g. physical injury, recovery from illness, work related stress, feelings of being overwhelmed etc. The practice is designed to suits the physical, mental and emotional condition of a student. Then it is developed, alongside them over time, taking into account changes which are occurring and the levels of challenge, nourishment or energy support which they require. This approach also allows space to shape the practice in practical ways to fit the time and opportunities available for practice. It is an extremely rewarding way of working.


Individual lessons take place in private, home-studio rooms in Great Ayton and  Eaglescliffe
Details given when a lesson is booked.


There is a free initial 30 minute consultation to establish current circumstances, followed by a 45 min lesson to teach an individual practice. Lesson: 75 mins.  Fee £30.

Attendance after 1/2 weeks to ensure the practice is working well. Lesson 45 mins. Fee £30

Thereafter, return visits to review and progress the work are arranged as appropriate. Students usually opt to come back at 6-8 week intervals for continued teacher support. Lesson 45 mins Fee £30.

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