Yoga Viveka

Yoga is a an ancient Sanskrit word.

It has several, subtly different meanings.

The most commonly used is 'to join' or 'link' (as in the English word 'yoke' together like ox and cart).

Through the practice of yoga we 'link' many things...

For example:

Safe movement of our limbs and spine,

our movement with our breath,

our breath and our attention,

and our attention with what we choose to focus on.

This focus will be different things for each individual... but may include wanting to try living in ways which are more healthful, more careful, more steady.


Viveka is also an ancient Sanskrit word.

It means 'discrimination' or 'clarity'.

It is an outcome of sustained yoga practice and can arise as a result of moving thoughtfully, with the breath, and focussing gently on one thing at a time.

The jumping mind is influenced to slow down...

The brain-fog settles... and clears...

Eventually, with sustained effort, over time... greater clarity arises. 

How is my body?

How is my breath?

How is my mind moving?

What is important to me?

How do I want to live?

How can I maintain my priorities?


I use Yogaviveka as the name for my work because a sustained practice of Yoga will eventually lead to greater clarity - viveka.

Yoga is the means, clarity arises from it.

Clarity - or seeing 'the bigger picture' is the benefit which I most treasure from my practice.


Susan Lodge

I have been practising and studying yoga for many years, coming to it first after the birth of my second child.

At the time, the combination of full time teaching in a primary school and eventually, 3 children under 7, meant that I was looking for space.

External physical space to move, internal physical space in the form of ease and comfort in my joints, muscles and bones.

A quiet space and time,  to breathe and settle, and get back in touch with 'mySelf'. 

From the very first lesson, Yoga helped me begin to do all of this. 

Over the years, repeatedly accessing this peaceful 'space' through practice and study, has allowed phases of clarity to arise which have sustained me in the everyday, but particularly in difficult life-circumstances.

I was convinced of its effectiveness in supporting my health in that first class in 1997... I am even more so now.

Through the teaching of a wide range of yoga practices including yoga postures, breathing, concentration and mantra, I experience the satisfaction of sharing the support tools of yoga. Helping people learn techniques which they can use independently feels very positive.

Regularly practised, these techniques really do work.

Not to help you do the splits or get 'beach-body-ready', (although maybe...) but simply to stay well, maintain good health, calm ourselves when we need to, stay steady in difficult times...

The teachings of yoga are ancient but still very practical and appropriate in modern times. 


With Thanks....

I am grateful to the many teachers of Yoga who have helped me to this point. Particularly my first teacher, and now lifelong friend, Amanda Brown and to Paul Harvey, whom I have been working with individually, since 2015.

The Common Western View of Yoga 

In the West, yoga is most commonly seen as a physical practice - a method of keeping fit. Whilst it is that, it is also much, much, more.


My Training:

I began learning yoga in 1997.

I am grateful to the many teachers of Yoga who have helped me to this point.

Particularly my first teacher, and now lifelong friend, Amanda Brown and to

Paul Harvey, whom I have been working with individually, since 2015.

My interest in the value of yoga runs deep and I have studied with senior teachers in England and Spain before gaining two Yoga teaching qualifications:

Yoga For Health Foundation Certificate (2004)

British Wheel of Yoga Diploma (2009). 

My commitment to continued study and practise led me to Paul Harvey who had been a personal student of the Yoga master TKV Desikachar for 20 years.  I am grateful to receive training in the authentic teachings of TKV Desikachar and his teacher Sri Krishnamacharya from Paul. The thoughtful and practical application of yoga practices to individuals taking account of their circumstances within this tradition is my inspiration.  A long term study of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and a developing interest in sound and chanting are the current focus of my personal work. 

I now teach mostly 121 yoga lessons, group classes and small study groups and the quality and integrity of my teaching are sustained. Since establishing in 2004, a warm and welcoming community of students and yoga teachers trained by me has grown around the nourishing yoga practices being passed on to me through my teacher. My greatest satisfaction comes from being able to share her knowledge and experience to support and guide students and student teachers towards understanding the yoga system so that they can in turn use it to support themselves.  

Susan currently offers:

  • 121 lessons for support and learning
  • group classes nr Yarm 
  • small group further studies courses + teacher trainings  in person and online 
  • CPD for the British Wheel of Yoga across the UK
  • Retreat mornings
  • Sound-bath deep relaxations

Susan is the author of three publications:

Yama (2017),

Dharana (2018) and

Niyama (2020).

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